Tall Russian Blonde Dominates a Slavegirl

Kayla Green is a lanky, dominant blonde with a ponytail. This ravishing Russian always gets what she wants because she’s equal parts gorgeous and assertive. Her slavegirl, Latex Lucy, spends most of her days dressed in a gimp bodysuit because that’s what her mistress wants. In this scene, we are going to explore this fucked-up lezdom dynamic and see what the girls are up to!

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Hard Anal Torture for a Slave

Mea Melone, a good-looking European brunette, finds herself in a very exciting situation. She’s bound and helpless and there are two vaguely attractive dudes just staring at her, thinking of ways to inflict pain. The very first thing that happens to Mea is this – some guy shoves a dildo in her mouth, forcing her to drool all over it.

The guys then opt for nipple torture with clothespins, in addition to some spanking and clit torture. Finally, we see them go for rope play. Mea is now on all fours, completely helpless. She has to kiss her master’s boot before earning the right to be sodomized. After it’s all said and done, Mea is just left there with a huge toy sticking out of her asshole. More vids with huge dildo you can find on sexadept.